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Look at me! I'm alive!!! I'm sorry about everything!!! As for the Secret Santa, I'm going to try to get everything sorted out tomorrow during my long study hall. But here is a MLS preview to brighten up your day/night!

"Alfie...." Arthur said as he snuggled closer to his still half asleep husband. 

"What is it, Iggy?" He asked, opening his eyes to be met with England's famous puppy dog pout that only worked on his husband. 

"I want another baby." He said in a quiet voice, his lower lip quivering just a tiny bit. 

"What?" Alfred asked, now wide awake. 

"You heard me, love. _______ is out of the house, we've had it to ourselves for decades." Arthur said as he snuggled closer. 

"Artie..." Alfred started but stopped mid sentence and sighed, "You're right. It would be nice to have another little one running around." He said as he watched Arthur break out into a huge smile. 

"Are you sure?" Arthur asked after a moment. 

"Of course I'm sure, Artie." He replied as he bent down and met the European nations lips, morning breath be damned. 


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I am 17 years old, born on Oct. 4, 1995. I have a tots awesome twin sister named Emma and an awesome little sister, Kim!

I'm bisexual and proud to be (though depending on the time of month I am a total lesbian which is when I'm at my most pervertedness)! You can criticize me all you want but you can never change who I am. I am not diseased. I did not choose to like women. It is simply how I was born. And if you can't accept that then you can just walk away and do whatever you please. I don't really give a flying fuck of what you think of me.

Current Residence: Pigfarts
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Pop, Wrock
MP3 player of choice: IPhone 4
Favourite cartoon character: Kuki, Wally, Starfire, Robin,
Personal Quote: "thats against the law?" "that was there before?" "Hi!"

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